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Hi there! Welcome to my Medium page. To enable easier navigation of the various articles I’ve written, do take a look at the following index and check out any piece that catches your fancy :)

  1. Banking

1.1 Finding a Cure to the NPA Crisis — Part 1: The Problem

1.2 Finding a Cure to the NPA Crisis — Part 2: Bad Banks and AMCs

1.3 To The World’s Most Important Number — LIBOR…Goodbye!

2. Fintech

2.1 India’s Fintech and Payments Ecosystem — Part 1: Headwinds and…

How do cross-border payments work? What’s SWIFT? Blockchain for cross-border payments? In my latest two-part series on cross-border payments, I discuss the processes and arrangements involved in such transactions and highlight the role of emerging tech in this sector as well!

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What are Cross-Border Payments?

As the name suggests, cross-border payments refer to transactions where the transacting parties are in different countries. The transacting entities here could be individuals, businesses, and governments. Depending on who transacts with whom, various types of payments are as follows:

What should you do a week before the interview? A day before? What should you keep in mind to ensure good performance on interview day? Part 6 of my latest series on cracking MBB interviews.

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If you’ve arrived at this article, you’ve either read the previous parts of this series or have skipped one or more of them. That’s cool! But, if you’re interested in preparing for the resume shortlisting + consulting interview process, I highly encourage you to give the previous parts a read. Now, what’s this piece about? The interview, of course.

While your preparation may last anywhere…

How to tackle the “Tell me about yourself” and other PI questions? Part 5 in my latest series of articles on cracking MBB interviews.

Source: Cracking the Consulting Interview, thebalancecareers.com

A lot of people tend to save personal interview prep for the very end. The last week or two maybe, even lesser. They spend all their time and energy on case solving. But, personal interview (PI) questions are also important for interviews. McKinsey’s website emphasises the significance of the personal interview component of their interviews.

When Should You Begin Personal Interview Prep?

It is really a function of the total time you have till the interview…

What are the various sections of a typical case? How should you tackle each one? How can you earn brownie points? How can you stand out in your case interview? Part 4 in my latest series of articles on how to crack MBB case interviews.

Source: Cracking the Consulting Interview, Workable

I believe that if you’ve landed at this article, you’ve probably looked through the previous articles in this series as well. If not, I highly encourage you to do so as this builds on the previous pieces. Here, I’ll cover the various sections of a typical case and run you through what you should do…

What’s case prep? What resources should I use? Who should I practice with? What are the types of cases? Part 3 of my latest series of articles on cracking MBB interviews.

Source: Cracking the Consulting Interview, CircleSquareOval

If you’re new to this series, then I highly recommend that you explore the previous pieces on discovering if consulting would be the right fit for you and on how to create a good resume. If you’ve already done that, great! Let’s delve into case prep.

Once you’ve gotten yourself an interview with a firm, case prep is the key to converting it into an offer. …

How to craft a good resume? What are resume peaks? Part 2 in my latest series of articles on how to crack MBB interviews.

Source: Cracking the Consulting Interview, Freepik.com

I cannot overstress the importance of a good resume. This is what gets you the opportunity to interview for a consulting firm. Hence, you must focus considerably on your resume. Now, as with every article of this series, I’d like to begin by clarifying that I’m no resume reviewer nor a career guidance expert. But, as someone who’s been through the process and gained a lot of insights from the people I’ve interacted with, I feel…

As a student without ample industry experience, how to glean if consulting is the right fit for you during your placement process? Part 1 in my latest series of articles on cracking MBB consulting interviews.

Credits: Cracking the Consulting Interview, Kruza Legal

So, this is a tough one. By the time we enter our placement year, most of us would have done a few internships and projects at different firms, institutes and startups. They wouldn’t all belong to one industry either. So, how should you decide if you should enter consult preparation or not?

Now, I’m neither an industry expert nor a management consulting veteran with decades…

Who am I? Why am I writing this series? What should you look forward to in this series? An introduction to my series on how to crack the MBB (McKinsey, BCG and Bain) interview process.

In a nutshell: Got McKinsey & BCG offers. Want to help aspirants put their best foot forward.

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First off, a hearty welcome to this series. If you’re here, you’re probably looking to explore the field of consulting or you’re one of those with whom I explicitly shared this article. Regardless of which bucket you belong to, I hope this helps you out with your career…

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Part 2 in a 2-part series. A look at the implications of CBDCs for various stakeholders and what countries around the world are doing currently…

In my previous piece, I looked at what CBDCs are and how they differ from other digital payment modes. Indeed, CBDCs are metamorphosing into prominent focus areas for Central Banks around the world. It’s no more just a quixotic idea. But, what would be the implication of CBDCs for the various stakeholders — the Government, people, banks and fintech players?

In this piece, I explore the potential impact of CBDCs and how Governments world-over are…

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